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  • 关于中秋节的优秀英语作文两篇2020-09-242130



    Mid-autumn Festival

    My favourite festival is Mid-autumn Festival. Mid-autumn Festival is an important festival in China. It usually comes in September or October. On that day the moon is the fullest of a year. We can usually see the full moon in the evening at Mid-autumn Festival. People get together and have a big meal at Mid-autumn's Eve. After dinner, people usually watch the full moon and play the fireworks. There are many different kinds of mooncakes. Some have meat inside, some have eggs and some have fruits. They are all very delicious.


    The Mid-Autumn Festival

    Last night is the Mid-Autumn Festival, I got home early because it's a day for family to stay together. Mom have told me that if I wanted to have a delicious dinner, then I should go shopping and buy something. So I went to the supermarket and buy something to eat at night. When I got there, so many people are there and I have no idea what I should to buy. Luckily I have already made a list which all the things I need to buy are on it. After 2-hour shopping, finnally I got home exhaustedly. And for what I had done, we had a very delicious dinner together.

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