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  • 关于写秋天游记的英语作文2020-09-252130



    秋天是最令人愉快的季节,既不热又不冷。上星期日你和同学们去乡下郊游,看到了一片丰收景象。请根据以下提示美文,用 100-130 词写一篇游记,描述那里的景象。

    1.遍地金黄色的小麦。苹果、梨( pear )挂满枝头。

    2. 一些农民忙着收割庄稼成长故事作文,有些在摘水果( fruit ),“一分耕耘,一分收获”。

    3. 这一切真像一幅美丽的,你们仿佛走进了一个奇异的世界。

    Perhaps autumn is the most pleasant season of the year. The weather is neither too hot nor too cold. It is the best time for going on a trip.

    Last Sunday we went to the countryside. There was golden wheat all over the fields/The fields were covered with golden wheat. Large and colourful apples and pears were hanging on the trees. We could see some peasants were busy getting in the crops in the fields成长故事作文, and others were picking fruits under the trees. All the baskets were full of lovely fruits. It was also the fruit of the peasants‘ labour. “ No pains成长故事作文, no gains. ” What a magnificent/beautiful picture(it was)! It seemed as if we were wandering in a splendid/wonderful world.

    I love autumn. I love the harvest time.

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