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  • 妈妈的爱中学生英语作文范文2020-09-262130


    mother's love

    mother's love is the greatest in the world。 one evening美文新学期作文, it was raining hard and it was very dark outside。 suddenly i got a bad headache。 my mother felt my head and found that i had a high fever。 she was so worried that shi took me on the back to thenearby hospital at once。

    at that time, it was about midnight and it was raining even harder。 i looked down at my mother andfound that she was walking hard in the heavy rain。 i couldn't keep back my tears。 when she was too tired to walk on, she letme down。 but when she found i could hardly stand, she took me on the back again and went on walking。 when we got to the hospital新学期作文, she was out of breath。 the doctor looked me over carefully and let me take some hot water and some medicine。

    on the way home新学期作文, i felt a little better。 so i told my mother that could walk slowly by myself。 but mother took me in the back without a word。 when we got home, mother fell to the floor。 she was too tired! the next day i felt much better, but mother got ill。

    what a great mother! how great mother's love is !

    the he 留学文书写作 的滋味作文 新学期作文
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