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  • 最喜爱的动物作文英语2020-09-262130




    As we all know,animals are our friends.I like every animal.But I like dogs best.

    Dogs are not only very lovely,but also very helpful.That's why we all feed dogs at home.

    I often share happiness and shorrow with it, which belongs to me three years ago,called"Betty".In other words,we should treat them as our real friends.Do you agree with me?


    I like dogs, because they are man’s good friends.

    They can do many helpful things to us, such as guarding our houses, greeting guests, helping the police, and so on.

    Some trained dogs can even lead the blind people and save people’s lives. So they‘re treated as our family members.

    I hope someday dogs will be in great harmony with human-beings.


    Do you know what kind of animal I like most? It’s monkey. Monkey is a kind of lovely animal.

    Many people like monkeys very much. Generally, monkey has small body covered with fur. Some kinds of monkeys have two big eyes and ears and a long tail. I can see them on TV or the zoo.

    Every time I go to the zoo, I will go to see them.

    Monkeys often stay in trees and jump between them. They are so lively and favorable. When they are happy, they will act for visitors. It’s very funny.


    Animals are friends of human beings. Most of them are lovely. I like giraffe the most.

    They are very tall and have many brown spots. They have very long necks, so that they can eat the leaves in high trees. Giraffes are gentle and lovely.

    They are friendly to people. When I go to the zoo, I always look at them. They move slowly.

    I can’t keep it as a pet, because it’s so huge. It’s a big pity.

    the and 热门话题作文 高中优秀作文 中考作文素材 乐观的作文

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